For pet nutritional consultations, fill out the consultation form. We will contact you within 72 hours and schedule a 30 minute phone consultation with our dog nutrition specialist. Follow up appointments are 15 minute phone consultations.  NutriYum consultation fees are as follows:

Pawfect Body (Dogs Only)

If you are struggling with your pup's weight management and you see those fatty rolls or just skin on bones, we got you! Our PAWFECT BODY consultation program is your way to get things right and set a special Nutrivum diet plan with our high quality science- based cooked meals, in addition to our complementary all-natural supplements to help your dog stay fit and healthy.

  • The program includes a diet and supplementation consultation, two follow ups (two weeks apart) only suitable for dogs with no medical issues- KD 20
  • Returning PAWFECT BODY customers will get Two additional follow ups for diet and supplementation consultation - KD 10

Back On Track (Dogs Only)

Our pooches require simple yet nutritious diets that accompany their unique dietary needs and health concerns especially if they suffer from specific food allergies. Let us be part of your dog's healing journey and deal with that annoying itchiness and the endless vet visits through our BACK ON TRACK consultation program.

  • This program includes a diet and supplementation consultation with two follow ups (two weeks apart) only suitable for dogs with allergy and/or weight issues KD 30
  • Returning BACK ON TRACK customers will get two additional follow ups for diet and supplementation consultation - KD 15

Nutri Heal (Dogs And Cats)

Is your pet suffering from an illness and you don’t know what to do? Are you worried that you will not find the right food for them? Does your sick pet have special nutritional requirements for their health condition? Well, take a deep breath & relax, we got you!
We have formed a consortium of certified holistic nutritionists as well as international holistic vets to scientifically and medically create personalized healthy meals prepared to cater for your pets’ special health needs. Nutri Heal is all about embracing the healing power of natural wholefoods to keep your pets healthy and vibrant, and most importantly to tackle certain illnesses with the therapeutic nutrition instead of relying completely on pharmaceutical medications. We want to make sure your pets get well and have all the support they need. We will work with you every step of the way!

  • This prescription meal plan includes a diet consultation as well as recommended supplements for your pet’s specific health condition. We will prepare a meal customized specifically for your pet’s condition based on our vets and nutritionists’ recommendations. Nutri Heal package includes 1 consultation and 3 follow ups for KD 80
  • Additional follow ups with the possibility of recipe adjustment will be estimated on case-by-case basis